5 Fool Proof Mannequin Display Tips that Turn Heads and Boost Foot Traffic

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Whether you have a new store opening in the downtown or have been running a fashion store for a while now, one thing that will always be needed in order attract customers in the store is to create a fascinating display window that people can’t pass by without looking twice. Of course every fashion brand realizes the fact that the end goal is to sell as many fashion products as possible, there might not be a better way to achieve that except using mannequins to do the job along with various display window themes. The two together have the ability to multiply the appeal to people and bring in the profits on investments in the most appropriate way. Here are a few fool proof techniques to attract more people in stores and boost foot traffic that will have a positive impact on sales and profits:

1: Get the Display Window Tool Box Ready

First things first, make a list of all the tools that you will be needing to setup your display window. These would for sure involve mannequin or mannequins (be sure about how many you need and their exact places), measuring tape to measure lengths and widths, stapler to staple various strips together, scissors to cut layers of sheets and other things up, double sided tape (mainly for the walls or hangings or even stuff on the floor), hammer and nails to punch those mannequin stands in and for the hanging items, utility knife, glue gun and glue sticks and some markers to mark spots up.

2: Tell a Story and Theme It Appropriately

Next it is important to theme everything up in your mind first and then apply it to the window display. Be as innovative and creative with the theming part as you can be (this will be the main attraction for customers). It’s important to start with a story (possibly based on events and their yearly time) and then think about theming it accordingly, this way you can easily start the Christmas story and then theme it in the right way or start a valentines story and then theme that one accordingly as well.

3: Step Out to Get a Good Measure of the Focal Point

Once the theming and storytelling is done, you land on the best time to step out on the street when there are not a lot people around and make sure of the focus area for yourself. Observe the height and span of the display window and the mannequins and all the other decorative items that you might have place in the window. The mannequins along with the theme items should all fall right along the eye line of the observer from the street so that no one has to focus hard to make out what the mannequin is wearing or what the theme is displaying.

4: Bold is Never Too Old

Bold is the way you want to go with everything in your display window, this includes the color of the mannequins themselves, their clothing, the surroundings and also the color of the walls of the window as well. When everything is in a bold way, the statement made by the display window is very strong as well and it attracts even the keenest eye at least to look twice and turns their heads followed by the feet towards the insides of the stores.

5: Ensure Proper Lighting

We have said earlier that mannequins and the way they are themed and dressed up are the most important factors in a display window, and here we emphasize on the lighting just as equally. No matter how good or deep your display window looks and how appropriately you have themed it, it’s just not attractive if there is not the right amount of lighting in it. There has to be just the right balance of lighting, make it too bright and people will turn their eyes, heads and feet away from the window and your store, make it too dark and there will be no statement made to start with. Observe it yourself and also get the suggestions of as many people as you can to verify the intensity and placement of the lighting within the display window.

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