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Designing a room can be pretty difficult if you are not an interior decorator. And although we would love to have ourselves a professional decorator, but not all of us can afford one.

As an adult our choices for our room is very much sorted. We don’t like anything very loud or bright. We like something modest and classy. But, that is not the case with teenagers. They do not care about something sophisticated; they go for something funky and something that gives them an edge.

So, in today’s article we will be giving ideas of cool bunk beds for girls. A bunk bed is a type of bed placement in which one bed frame is stacked on top of another giving a parallel adjustment.  The mattress is put on a flat surface, which is called the Bunkie board, and this may be surrounded by rails for safety purpose. Such an arrangement of beds allows two or more people to sleep in the same room in a very less space without giving the room a cramped look.

The bunk beds are normally supported by four poles or pillars, one at each corner of the bed that makes the furniture strong and reliable for one’s use. A ladder is used to get to the upper bed, which is quite comfortable and there is not fear of one slipping off while climbing them.

  1. Bunk beds with storage facility- bunk beds already save a lot of space in one’s room by consuming the space of a single bed and giving the benefit for two people to sleep in. But there are bunk designs that also have an attached storage unit to it. This doesn’t take any extra space and fits in the unit itself. One could use this storage space for books or other miscellaneous items.
  2. Bunk beds with a desk- teens always need a desk to study one. The bed bunk with desk is an excellent cause of this very reason. In this setting, the lower loft is usually replaced by a desk and the upper loft remains as supposed to be. This gives you the benefit of a bed and a study table in the same space.
  3. Bunk beds with a couch- this particular type of bunk bed is most popular amongst teens. You could get this for your kid and give them the benefit of a bed and a couch in the same space. The lower loft which is supposed to be a bed is replaced by a couch. This could be a great place to sit and chitchat with friends. From a parent’s point of view, you end up saving the cost of another piece of furniture and instead get a bed and a couch in the price of one.

So, these were a few ideas of bunk beds for girls. I hope you like them and if your daughter wants a makeover of her room, I definitely think you should get her one of these bunks.

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