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In Google search results page, you can see Wikipedia in practically every top page there is, and even occupying the top area in some search engine result. This is Wikipedia’s status, as a site with really strong authority, undeniable and with a lot reliability.

People, fortunate enough to be mentioned on Wikipedia, or famous to be called on this website, can delight in the advantages of Wikipedia “linking” result. But this web encyclopedia website has set up reforms to counter spammers who are making the most of its SEO authority and credibility in the search engines.

The new policy is “no follow” for external links, if they are discussed in Wikipedia. However being discussed in this encyclopedia website can still be a crucial component in your SEO technique, and having a Wikipedia entry for your website which shows up in the search results page, will provide your website more trustworthiness.

A Wikipedia entry will just be of benefit if it will reference you or link to you, but links from it to your site will be of no benefit. If you have competitors who are making important moves to damage your reputation, your being referenced by Wikipedia can counter this effect.

There are others, who commission other people to contribute to Wikipedia in their behalf, and this is a bad strategy since it can put them in a more critical circumstance. If you wish to be pointed out or referenced by Wikipedia, you have to wait up until lots of outsiders or other uninterested people will make mention of you.

Therefore, for people who want to advertisement a referral on whatever is mentioned in this encyclopedia website, they have to ensure that it is just to validate whatever is made on the primary entry on this site. They have to prevent including links where registration is required to access the main material otherwise this will be eliminated and considered spam.

And another thing is for people not to include images or images to entries that are not Created Commons certified due to the fact that these images will only be removed due to copyright violation. Doing this, can be an important situation, especially if you commission others to do it for you.

And for individuals who wish to ad an entry or referral to exactly what contents are currently in this websites, it is more proper to use categories and include entries only to appropriate classifications. In Wikipedia, what is very important is developing relationship and refraining from doing things important.

Hence, if you are talking of value of images for SEO in Wikipedia, make a Wikipedia business page ,you simply need to have it signed up and accredited. By doing this, your images will not be eliminated from this website.

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