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Polytherapy or Combination therapy is a very broad term for the utilization of multiple medications or therapies so that to fight the same conditions. This therapy typically denotes the utilization of two or more that can also include nonmedical therapies, an immunotherapy that includes psychological therapy and other ways of treatment or therapy. Since the treatment may not be new but it has been found that a very large increase in the number of approved and also researched combination therapies in the last decade. Taking a view of many oncologists, doctors and also other medical professionals they recommend combination therapies for the treatment of a large number of conditions and diseases, so it is very significant to know how this approach can help in recovery and treatment.

This kind of treatment lacks published material in a very important manner. The much of the information gathered is anecdotal, or that is based on the experience of those people who utilize the modality often. Speaking in a broad spectrum, the effects of the combined therapy are based on those of the individual modalities. No evidence till date is present for any additional effects which can be achieved only when the modalities are utilized in this particular manner. There are various kinds of combination therapy unit available in the market.

Benefits of Combination therapy

Every drug and treatment method approved for use by the FDA should prove to be an effective method of treatment. By using a monotherapy, the approach may not always yield the desired results. Use of maximum dosages, resistances, and other factors definitely impact treatments, this therapy may deliver a measured increase in response rates.

In order to maintain levels of safety and efficacy, specific combination therapy measures also are undertaken in the clinical trials. By employing this, it is made sure that the combined effects are not harmful and hazardous as it is demonstrated how the two or more ways of treatment interact with one another. Even as one kind of drug is used to slow the movement of disease or reduce inflammation, another is used to destroy the foreign cells as an instance. This is also thought beneficial when the treatment method for encountering a disease needs harmful levels of toxicity. The smaller doses can be needed in causing remission or curing a disease.

Current use of Combination therapy

Quite a large number of actively utilized combination therapies are currently being used in the market, side by side with many other undergoing clinical trials.  In the use of combination therapy, the treatment of aggressive diseases frequently benefits noticeably when the immune system is involved especially. As evidence one example of combination therapy frequently cited is HAART (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy) that is used in the treatment of HIV. By the use of six major kinds of drugs that are being used in this combination therapy, each of them disrupts or slows the replication of HIV cells in different ways. Whereas entry inhibitors disturb HIV on the outside of healthy cells from binding to receptors, integrase enzymes are blocked by integrase inhibitors this is the enzyme used by the virus to drive genetic information into infected cells. This can be achieved by the use of combination therapy unit physiotherapy.

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